connecting cultures 

Our cupcakes are special and one-of-a-kind. Yes, we said it. No where in London will you find, taste or experience another culture in such a unique way. Our mission is to connect you to the world by creating cupcakes inspired by different cultures. Based in London, we use global ingredients from local and international suppliers, to bake a bit of culture into every bite. 

What makes us different than any other company? We jumped on a plane and flew around the world just to find inspiration for our cupcakes! If that's not dedication, then we don't know what is! Join us as we unite people from all over the world, one bite at a time...



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We are honoured to be featured in this month's blog from one of London's voted top bloggers; @EastLdnGirl. Check out her review of  our Culture-Inspired Cupcakes flavours. If you're a foodie, her blog is definitely the 'One-Stop-Shop' to the best food & drink in London!

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events update

From this April, our main goal is to get out there and meet you! Stay tuned as we will be appearing in pop-ups and markets within London. Our next event will be in Hackney, East London as part of the World Foods Market. Follow us @miss_munchins_cc to stay in the loop for details.