Hi there, I'm Rebecca; but feel free to call me Miss Munchin. Thank you stopping by and joining me in my mission to connect the world using Culture-Inspired Cupcakes.

From my travels, I've spent time with the locals and learnt that we can in fact bridge the gap of separation through understanding each other and celebrating what makes us unique through food.

By baking cupcakes using key ingredients from different countries, I create delicious culture-inspired cupcakes as sweet way of connecting people around the world whilst paying homage to these amazing places.

In 2016, I decided to take my vision one step further and embarked on a world travel goal called the Munchin Mission. Originally I aimed for 12 countries, but now, step by step, I aim to take on the world!

Curious about where I'll be next? Have a destination that you think would inspire a GREAT flavour? Get in touch and be sure to follow my journey as I connect you across the world, one cupcake at a time.

See you soon!


Founder of Miss Munchin's Cupcakes