Rebecca Jones , Founder of Miss Munchin's Cupcakes

Rebecca Jones, Founder of Miss Munchin's Cupcakes


our story

Miss Munchin's Cupcakes was born out of Rebecca Jones' quest to cure her cupcake cravings by learning how to bake cupcakes. Never did she think that her love for cupcakes with translate in a passion to discover cultures around the world!


From her experience of living abroad in the USA, Mexico and France with people from all over the world, she felt inclined to share her experiences  in a way that would make us better connected. Rebecca decided to use her passion for culture and travel to disrupt the typical cupcake by creating  ‘culture-inspired cupcakes’,  a cupcake that could be used as a tool to connect the world. 


Then in 2016, she took her vision further by embarking on a world travel adventure called the Munchin Mission. Travelling solo to over 7 countries across 2 continents in 6 months, aiming  to find inspiration for more unique cupcake flavours. After spending time with the locals and learning about their culture through their food, drink and history, we now have a range of flavours that are sure to take your tastebuds on a journey.


Miss Munchin’s Cupcakes only the best quality international and locally source ingredients in our cupcakes. Our cupcakes sprinkle a pinch of cultural education whilst you eat!