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British woman with Grenadian roots using cup cakes to connect the world

A London based businesswoman of Grenadian parentage has embarked on a new initiative to assist in unifying the world utilizing her baking skills and the use of one of her products, the cup cake.


Baking Startup Brings Taste of Morocco to England

When Rebecca Jones first tasted amlou, Morocco’s distinctive blend of almonds, argan oil, and honey, in the streets of Casablanca, she knew she had found the inspiration for her next cupcake.

Around The World With Miss Munchin’s Cupcakes

Rebecca Jones is the Founder of Miss Munchin’s Cupcakes; a new baking start-up which aims to connect people to the world using cupcakes inspired by culture and travel. By baking with global ingredients, her cupcake flavours ...


The journey so far: Miss Munchin's 

You probably know someone who loves to bake or perhaps you have an idea around baking or the food business? It can be so difficult to carve out a niche in this market because ...



Listen to our Founder Rebecca Jones speak with The Clarity Architect,Danielle McDonald about the rise of becoming an entrepreneur, business and what makes her product so much more than just cupcakes.


Episode 55: The Art of Failing Forward w/ Rebecca Jones, Founder of Miss Munchin’s Cupcakes
Listen to Rebecca's first US podcast with Minority Trail Blazer, Grey E. Hill talk about how she started her cupcake business, what makes her cupcakes unique, how to position your product to solve a need and much much more. Click here to listen.